Spring Lunch Menu 2018


beginnings & shares

Italian Burrata – strawberries, cipollini onion, arugula, aged balsamic      9

Classic Shrimp Cocktail – St. Elmo’s firey cocktail sauce     15

Colossal Blue Crab – apple, red pepper coulis, lemon zest aioli      16

Blistered Shishito Peppers – white miso-yuzu chile sauce      8

PEI Mussels – garlic chardonnay nage, tomato, fines herbes, mustard caviar      13

Calamari Tempura – sweet chili ponzu, sugar snap peas, jalapeno      14

Short Ribs “Korean Style” – sriracha black garlic butter, matchstick salad       15

Duck Confit & Ricotta Flan – white truffle oil, pecorino romano       14

Spring Greens – vegetable confetti, champagne shallot vinaigrette      7

Boston Bibb – hearts of palm, avocado, sunflower seeds, Maytag blue, Banyuls vinaigrette      12

Roasted Beets – spinach, hard boiled egg, cherry tomato, aged sherry bacon emulsion     11

240 Cheese Platter – artisan cheeses, varying accompaniments     16


pastas & pizzas from the wood oven

Ravioli – goat cheese, sweet pea, mint, lamb sausage Bolognese      15

Garganelli – chicken, pancetta, fava beans, cracked pepper parmesan cream      14

Capellini – shrimp, spicy tomato basil cream sauce      17

Spinach Tagliatelle – foraged mushrooms, pomodoro pan sauce      15

Caprese Pizza – tomato pulpa, garlic oil, buffalo mozzarella, basil      13

Killer Bee Pizza – Italian sausage, peppadew peppers, pepperoncini, chili honey      16

Prosciutto-Wild Mushroom Pizza – Colorado chevre, cipollini onion, garlic oil, fig jam      17


240 Chopped Salad – smoked salmon, couscous, arugula, pepitas, corn, pesto buttermilk     16

Chicken Cobb Salad* – smoked bacon, avocado, egg, tomato, cider chia vinaigrette        14

Seared Rare Ahi Tuna  – 3olive tapenade, spring pea pesto orzo    18

Crispy Alaskan Codfish* – Meyer lemon aioli, spring vegetable succotash     16

Canadian Salmon* – salsa verde, asparagus, marble potatoes, heirloom tomatoes    18

Cioppino – San Francisco inspired seafood stew      22

Pork Loin* – pistachio crust, pinot noir plum wine sauce, scallion risotto      16

Quarter Kilo Pub Cheeseburger* – sharp cheddar cheese, garlic mayo, red onion chutney      14

Wagyu Flank Steak* – chimichurri, chorizo sweet potatoes     20


Chef NicoleVerville & J. Ruben Cabrera


*Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially in cases of certain medical condition

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