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The “Iron Chefs” at 240 Union

Chef J. Rueben Cabrera
He jokes that he actually came with the building when Michael Coughlin moved in to open 240 Union 30 years ago.  “This is my kitchen…it’s our home,” says Cabrera of 240 Union’s Chefs.    Cabrera’s unique blends of flavors in delicious dishes are a favorite of clients.  He honed his skills in hotels and restaurants across Mexico and the U.S.  “It’s not just our Chefs who create a wonderful experience for customers, it’s our entire team.”

Chef Nicole Verville240 Union Chefs Rueben Cabrera, Nicole Verville, Anand Chaturvedula
She is the lone woman chef, but Verville holds her own with the boys!  “Customers are always stopping by the kitchen to say thank you for their food, and that is fabulous,” says Verville. She graduated from culinary school in Indianapolis and found her spot in the kitchen at 240 Union.  “The biggest reason  I’ve been here 21 years is Michael,” she says.
“He’s truly a great guy and boss.”

Chef Anand Chaturvedula
Chaturvedula is the newest chef at 240 Union…and he’s been there 16 years. “We bring our clients the best of the season four times a year, which give us the chance to be creative.”  A Denver Johnson and Wales graduate, he actually graduated from Michigan with an English Degree.  He decided his true passion was food, not words.

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